LinkedIn-dentation & Formatting

Last week I decided to update my LinkedIn profile and I was surprised by the lack of formatting options. Luckily I found a few ways around that…

Power Profiling: HTTPS Long Polling vs. MQTT with SSL, on Android

A follow on from my previous post: ‘Power profiling: MQTT on Android’. This time I decided to look at the power usage of SSL enabled MQTT in comparison to HTTPS Long Polling.

The Cost of Kindness

An experiment to see how much it would cost me to be a nicer person.

Android: Removing the green onclick border

For a while now, I’ve been finding the green highlight / box that the Android WebView displays when you click something particularly annoying. Here’s how to get rid of it.

A simple SSL enabled Comet style Pub/Sub server with Node.js

My first attempt at programming with Node.js: a simple SSL enabled Comet style pub/sub server, in just over 100 lines of code.

Utah: Skiing the Beehive State

6 different resorts, 8 days, 50 people and lots of fun.

Android: Attaching files from internal cache to Gmail

How to use a custom ContentProvider to attach files from an application’s internal cache to a Gmail message (as the standard way to reference files as attachments does not work).

Reclaiming Windows Audio from Android Emulators & VMs

Recently, every time I run the Android Emulator, I lose all sound output on my laptop (running Windows 7) and have to restart to get it back. It’s very annoying. But luckily the solution is fantastically simple…

Finding processes on (i.e. ps for) Windows

As part of creating some test infrastructure for a work project the other day, I was looking for a good way to find any existing / leftover processes; so I could ensure things were in a clean state at the start of each test run. On Linux this is pretty easy, using ps, but I read more »

Power Profiling: MQTT on Android

While most people who’ve used MQTT know that it uses extremely low amounts of power on mobile devices, I couldn’t find any definitive power figures and so I thought I’d try collecting some. This post details what I did & the results I found.

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